B. & I. Mantzaris S.A

Who we are

Always in line with advanced technology advancing alongside the beat of modern Cardiology

B. & I. Mantzaris S.A. is a Greek company active in the sale and distribution of advanced biomedical devices for cardiac disorders and delivery of any technical support to public and private hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers in every corner of Greece.

 Through the years, our founding pillars have been:

  • delivery of innovative therapies,
  • support to Greek physicians and scientists,
  • collaboration with leading and established manufacturers of biomedical devices,
  • recruitment of an experienced and specialised workforce.
In keeping with our guiding principle to support and care for patients, we disseminate technological advances to healthcare professionals aiming at contributing actively to the advancement of Cardiology in Greece. The experience we accumulated over the years, and the actions we have taken in support of our industry stand as the testament we deem necessary to further realize our commitment to health improvement for thousands of patients who seek and have the right to a better quality of life.

Our mission

The mission of  B. & I. Mantzaris S.A. is to provide pioneering products and high quality services to healthcare professionals, patients, hospitals and health organizations. Our core philosophy is to attend to the current needs of healthcare professionals and provide breakthrough solutions capable of improving quality of life for patients, contributing to the increase of their life expectancy, and reducing the cost of medical care and treatment.

Our driving force is the well-being of cardiac patients; what motivates us is to consistently enhance our expertise, expand our business activities and move towards rapidly achieving and embracing global innovations. In keeping with these goals, we have entered into cooperation agreements with globally leading manufacturers of biomedical devices companies. Our half century's experience in the field of Greek cardiology has taught us that our corporate philosophy is the key to our success, the source of our reliability; we are proud of passing this torch to the next generations.

The health industry is considered of vital importance for the development of innovation, employment prospects, and financial growth in Greece; on the other hand, it is considered a critical social issue and we make it our duty to serve the medical sector ethically, always keeping in mind the benefit of patients, healthcare professionals, partners, and employees.

Our Story

SINCE 1968

In 2014 the company B. & I. Mantzaris S.A celebrated 50 years of success in the field of Cardiology, Marketing and Medical Equipment Support.

Our story started in 1964 when Basil and Tonia Mantzaris took over the baton of John Mantzaris the senior, and they entered the cardiology market with a new perspective. The Mantzaris couple decided to diversify the product range of the company by incorporating cardiac equipment and ensuring its distribution and technical support throughout the Greek territory.

Many years of intensive work and successful agreements with companies such as Polystan, Bard and General Electric Inc. made our company the first distribution network of implantable pacemakers in all Greek market.

In 1975, by introducing the Sentry 75 implantable pacemaker model, the company gained 50% of the market while in 1977, was the beginning of  long-term (40 years) of collaboration with the leading medical device manufacturer MEDTRONIC Inc.

  • 1995, John Mantzaris junior undertook to continue the family tradition and implement innovative ideas that are decisive for the company's evolution.
  • 2001, we signed an agreement with PHYSIO-CONTROL for the distribution and support of LIFEPAK external defibrillators.
  • 2018. we signed an agreement with STRYKER for the distribution of EMS products in Greece.

Today, despite the imposition of the PSI in 2012 and its devastating effects on the competitive environment, “B.I. MANTZARIS S.A.” continues to be a market-leader and continues to provide high quality medical equipment and technical support throughout the Greek market.

Our vision

The vision of B. & I. Mantzaris S.A. is firmly aligned to our corporate philosophy, namely that contribution to the human welfare is a primary aspiration.
Moving forward, we envision offering breakthrough, high-quality, affordable health treatments that will improve the quality of  life for cardiac patients. Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness of treatments patients receive and improve patient life expectancy.

Our long established and successful collaboration with global leading manufacturing companies vouch for our trustworthiness in the biomedical equipment industry in the Greek market. Our Company's name has become synonymous with values such as reliability and expertise.  Our commitment is to act upon these values and offer high quality products as well as scientific support to all healthcare providers that contribute actively to promoting advancements in the field of biomedical devices. Our vision to deliver effective treatments to patients is aligned with our stated mission "supporting and caring for patients, offering them the life and longevity they want.

Collaborations & Products

Our commitment is to constantly raise the bar by introducing medical devices whose innovation and quality ensure high-quality medical care and help to improve the quality of life of thousands of people.

In our many years of service for this purpose, our company has developed strategic partnerships with the leading medical product manufacturers Medtronic, Stryker, Physio-Control.

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