Lifepak 1000 Defibrillator (AED) Graphic Monitoring, GR Stryker-Physio Control

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LP 1000 Defibrillator (AED) Graphic Monitoring, GR

The LIFEPAK 1000 (AED) was designed to be able to operate in extreme conditions and on a daily basis, by professional rescuers, while at the same time it remains simple and easy to use, ideal for use by non-specialized rescuers

It is the most durable defibrillator ever built and thanks to its durability, reliability and technological advantages it was selected by NASA for space station equipment (ISS) and became the First Automatic Defibrillator (AED) in space.

  The LIFEPAK 1000 has the following functions - features:

· Semi-automatic defibrillation (AED) function.

· Voice instructions in Greek.

· 6 "screen with visual instructions in Greek.

· Two-phase defibrillation technology 150- 360 * Joules (the largest available on the market).

· ECG analysis time 5.4 sec (fastest on the market).

· Charging times 200J / 6 sec, 360J / 11sec.

ERC / AHA defibrillation protocols (2015 Guidelines).

· CprMax technology. Exclusive cprMAX technology minimizes CARPA interruptions, allowing rescuers to perform CARPA during pre-shock CPR charging.

· Zero maintenance costs (has self-monitoring and self-diagnosis function).

· Digital episode storage memory, with a minimum capacity of 40 minutes ECG.

· Suitable for use in adults and children (with the corresponding electrodes).

· It has the current defibrillation protocols (ERC 2015 Guidelines).

Digital memory, with a capacity of 40 minutes ECG.
Readiness Display displays warning messages about the defibrillator status.
Lithium battery with autonomy 440 defibrillation or 5 years in standby mode.
Ability to use a rechargeable battery.
Low cost consumables
5 years warranty.

Comes with all the necessary materials and is ready to use. Analytically:

· Two (2) pairs of adult Pads self-adhesive electrodes.

· One (1) battery (440 defibrillation, 5 years standby).

· One (1) carrying bag.

· Operating instructions in Greek.

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