LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter
LiveECG Holter

liveECG Long term Holter ECG

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The LiveECG is a 3-channel ECG Holter system. It works completely cable-free and offers a high level of comfort and quality of life for the patient.

  • Compact design (size 71.5 x 46 x 14.7 mm, weight:= 30 g)
  • Resolution ADC: 16 bits
  • Use without disturbing cables, therefore high wearing comfort for the patient
  • Easy attaching or removing the single patch electrode via three pushbuttons
  • Use of commercially available AAAA size batteries/battery
  • Continuous recording of up to 9 days without battery change (for 3 channels, 200 S/s)
  • Recording time up to 60 days by changing batteries and ECG electrodes
  • Support for event marking by the patient (e.g. in case of symptoms or medication)
  • Secure and fast data download to an evaluation/analysis station via integrated USB interface
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 Interface for initialisation of the device and live transmission of channels for signal control

By using single patch electrodes in connection with state-of-the-art hardware and software technology, LiveECG enables permanent recording of long-term ECGs well over 24h with very high signal quality and at the same time maximum patient comfort.

By eliminating previously used cables and due to the integrated intelligence, LiveECG requires almost no operating steps and thus enables ECG recordings (especially also in outpatient applications in older people) without affecting patients in their usual living environment and quality of life. For the first time, this enables practicable, efficient, and safe “round the clock” long-term ECG recordings. By simply changing the single-use electrodes and the battery, LiveECG can be used as a long-term recorder for ECG recordings up to 60 days.  The wireless application and the use of single patch electrodes significantly reduce the consumption costs compared to comparable systems (no expensive electrode cables, no cleaning of the electrode cables, simplest devices cleaning and disinfection)

Advantages for the cardiologist:

  • Simplest configuration, commissioning and application.
  • Secure recordings by cable-free technology; Also over long periods of time (no loose cables, no falling adhesive electrodes, no bad electrode contacts).
  • Modular concept enables ECG recordings over theoretically long periods of time.
  • High signal quality by eliminating the cables and derivating the vectors on the smallest area (low-artifact, low-interference ECG recordings)
  • Low amount of instruction for patients in outpatients
  • Low consumption costs (no electrode cable, single patch, standard AAAA batteries)

Benefits for the patient:

  • No impairment of quality of life and habits. After a short wearing period, you don’t notice the LiveECG anymore.
  • For outpatient use: Simplest, error-free operation/handling by patients even during longer recording periods (only necessary to change the electrodes and the battery).
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