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Lifepak 15 Defibrillator / Monitor

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Lifepak 15 Defibrillator / Monitor

LIFEPAK 15 is specially designed for use in transport (ambulances, mobile units, aircraft, etc.). It was designed to work smoothly under the most difficult and extreme conditions, providing unparalleled reliability and durability and is the most durable defibrillator ever made.

LIFEPAK 15 enables the individual user to adapt diagnostic functions to the device, according to his needs and requirements. In addition, there is the possibility of future upgrades with functions that may not have been initially selected by the user - client, or even with new functions that will be available in the future.


Two-phase defibrillation technology ADAPTIV ™ BIPHASIC from 2 to 360 Joules.

Manual defibrillation function (Manual Mode).

Automatic defibrillation function (AED mode) with voice, visual instructions and metronome.

Non Invasive Pacing function.

Wireless data transfer via built-in Bluetooth.

Receive ECG via 3-pole, 5-pole or 10-pole ECG cable.

Automatic diagnosis of 12-polar ECG / suitable for children.

Sp02 MASIMO technology finger oximetry suitable for adults, children, infants.

SpC0 / SpMet / Bloodless monitoring of carbon monoxide, / and methemoglobin (related to exposure to chemicals and gases) "Rainbow® Masimo2" technology suitable for adults, children and infants.

CO2 smoke detector technology "Microstream" suitable for intubated and non-intubated, adults and children.

Temperature / temperature measurement with a wide range of sensor selection (Epidermal / Bladder (14F, 16F, 18F) / Esophagus / Anal).

NIBP, Blood Pressure Measurement Function.

(IP) 2 Blood pressure channels.

Trend, graphical illustration of vital parameters (graph updated in real time).

8.4 "LCD screen with 3 channels with dual function - Color + Black and white, for better display under bright light.

3-channel thermal printer, with 100 mm wide paper.

2 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries 5.7 A / h. Battery life = 360 minutes (6 hours) or 420 defibrillation.

Portable Power Supply - Battery Charger (available in two types AC / 220V and DC / 12V).

Desktop battery charger (simultaneous power supply from AC / 220V or DC / 12V).

Multipurpose external defibrillation electrodes (Hard Paddles) for adults and children.

Self-adhesive defibrillation electrodes (disposable) QuiK-Combo (adult and pediatric).

Carrying Bag.

2 years warranty.

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